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Usit Colours is one of the biggest and most progressive tourist agencies in Bulgaria. Founded in 1996 as a student travel agency, Usit Colours soon expanded its business and currently provides diverse tourist products and services to fully address the needs of a wide variety of customers – corporate, leisure and students. For the Corporate clients, Usit Colours offers professional arrangement of business trips in Bulgaria and abroad, and full support of corporate events, like conferences, trainings or team buildings. By incorporating good understanding of companies’ specific travel needs and personal approach, Usit Colours guarantees its business clients service of high standard and reliability. For the Leisure travelers, Usit Colours aims to provide high-quality travel solutions for a vacation or trip of any liking and budget. The products for holiday makers that we offer range from airline tickets, city breaks, or vacation packages in Europe, to exotic excursion, cruises and all accompanying travel services. Regardless of the product, it is our determination to give our leisure travelers the product, care, and attitude we would expect to get for our own holidays. For the Students and young people, Usit Colours provides special airfare, discount cards, exchange programs and internships in various countries. We constantly develop our student products to make them more affordable and in the same time valuable, aiming to facilitate their travel and stimulate their personal progress. Being one of the biggest companies, leading the Bulgarian tourism market, Usit Colours enjoys the financial strength and negotiating power to offer better prices and more flexible conditions, thus creating value for all its clients. Engaged in the development of its community, Usit Colours maintains long standing tradition in creating initiatives that encourage young Bulgarians to develop valuable skills and personal qualities while giving them a chance to grow professionally.

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