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Issues related to traffic are part of everyday life for everyone and involve more than matters related to cars and motorcycles . Transit must be thought on the basis of life care , focusing on drivers and pedestrians . The ultimate goal is to move the man , take it further, overlapping boundaries , reducing distances , to gain time . mission : Run the transit policies in the state of Paraná with agility and efficiency to provide a quality service to citizens. vision: Sensitize the Paraná population to a safer transit and make the process less bureaucratic and vehicle licenses, streamlining services , through action planning , able to promote the modernization and fulfilling its mission . values ??: Respect, Ethics , Commitment , Transparency and Teamwork. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES - Provide quality services to minimize waiting time for users and increase the supply of services by the internet ; - Develop actions and traffic safety education to prevent and reduce the indicators of traffic accidents , aware population through campaigns , lectures , various approaches and other events ; - Modernizing administrative , physical , and logical areas of computer and information structures ; - Guiding and keep constantly updating the traffic department and service partners in accordance with current legislation . - Promoting the quality of life of servers , through the development of policies for personnel management and continuous training plans ; - Improve communication within the internal and external environment , making effective processing and dissemination of information .

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