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Brothers and Company LLC first came up with the conceptual design for the Viaggio restaurant chain in 2004. The idea of democratic and at the same time stylish and romantic restaurants was originally brought to life with the help of genuine Italian cuisine at the beginning of 2005. Viaggio Napoli and Viaggio Venezia were opened in quick succession in February and March respectively. Viaggio Pisa and Viaggio Palermo followed behind them in 2006. The owners of the brand, who also manage Brothers and Company (Sbarro), the Babylonian restaurants Bash na Bash and the far Eastern chain Vostochny Bazar, are planning the active development of Viaggio in Moscow and other cities. At the moment, there is talk of the company Villop, a part of Merab Elashvili’s restaurant holdings, undergoing independent conceptual development, however in the future there is a possibility of opening Viaggio restaurants in both Russia and other countries on a franchising scheme. There is most certainly a glittering future in store for Viaggio Italiano.

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