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Pretransa Die Casting is a European manufacturer of cold chamber high pressure die casting machines HPDC and peripheral equipment for the nonferrous metal foundry industry. What your business demands Die casting machines capables of producing high quality parts with a reasonable investment. What the market offered you Traditionally, the market has been divided in two big categories: die casting machines with a small investment but with a lower quality /productivity (less for less strategy) or machines with a high quality / productivity requiring a very high investment (more for more strategy). In both cases the cost / benefit ratio you obtain is impaired. The Pretransa solution Being aware of the needs of our customers, in Pretransa we have been able to create a new category: high quality die casting machines with a reasonable investment and high productivity (more for less strategy), which offer the highest cost / benefit ratio in the market. In other words, with Pretransa you get the best value for your money

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