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To meet the needs of modern kitchen Novy has its own philosophy: design, ease of use, durability, and – last but not least – SILENCE. The first Novy cooker hoods were made in 1965. Even then, Novy distinguished itself by the quality of its cooker hoods and the innovation in models and technology. From the very early stages, we pursued the highest possible extraction efficiency. The solution proved to be the revolutionary technology of perimeter extraction. Novy, the inventor of perimeter extraction, managed to hold on to this headstart in the world of cooker hoods for over 40 years. Novy developed its own noise-reduction system, which reduced motor sound and vibrations to an absolute minimum. Thanks to Novy, kitchens were provided with essential peace and … SILENCE. The unique combination of perimeter extraction and optimum noise reduction ensures efficient and yet silent extraction. Unparalleled. That is why Novy is considered to be the reference point in the area of cooker hoods. polierenA Novy cooker hood will last a lifetime. Novy cooker hoods are manufactured in Kuurne, Belgium. No concessions are made in the area of quality. Novy only uses the highest quality of raw materials. Only the high-quality inox is good enough for Novy cooker hoods. A Novy cooker hood will last a lifetime.

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