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Nobile is a Polish manufacturer of highly-regarded and worldwide critically acclaimed skis, snowboards and kiteboards. Products of such brands, as: ZAG, Faction, Powderequipment and Whitedot come from the factory located in Bielsko-Biala. Since 1994 Nobile company, based on its own patents, as well as using the latest materials and technologies, creates the top products of the highest quality Polish and exotic wood. There are thousands of winter and summer sports fans riding on the skis made in Bielsko-Biala factory. Nobile products are created according to the human concept philosophy, which means optimal designing the parameters of skis, snowboards and kiteboards, bearing in mind human capabilities and limitations, in order to meet the maximum comfort and safety. Born in the mountains, POWERED BY PASSION and cutting-edge technology. Tested by the worlds best riders. We are not just another snowboard company created by white-collar directors to cream their pockets. We do not even have board of direstors. WE LOVE the smell of winter and the fresh mountain breeze, not the smell of money. Our gear is produced in Poland by qualified and EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN a piece of their souls into every board.

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