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MARIO FRESH is a fast food chain with Italian participation. Prepare and offer fresh and natural sandwiches and salads. For the first time in Bulgaria object chain opens on March 26, 2010 at Mall of Gabrovo. This date is the birthday of the chain in Bulgaria. In October the same year, the second object in the chain opened in the center of town. Almost a year later to be closer to our friends and regular customers to guests of Gabrovo, we moved the location of the site in the town of Gabrovo in the separate building in the center of town. On 17.03.2014g MARIO FRESH "refresh" and Sliven. Right next to the city hall and ancient tree winner "European tree of the year 2014" - the old elm. WHY - MARIO FRESH? Because Mario Ponticorvo contribute in shaping, implementation and realization of the concept of taste, HEALTHY AND NATURAL offering quality products in the form of fresh sandwiches and salads. The word FRESH, except that associated with natural juices is a good idea for the new and different, which gives the Bulgarian people this concept thanks to the Italian participation.

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