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The Lodge logo in the yellow banner is the primary logo and should be used whenever possible. However, there may be instances where other variations are better suited. The banner may be removed, leaving only the text. The tagline may be removed, leaving only “Lodge Cast Iron.” This is usually only necessary when appearing next to imported products. The Lodge wordmark can be used by itself. The wordmark may not be used with only the tagline. The subheading “Cast Iron” must be in place for the tagline to appear. This version without the skillet and egg should be used very sparingly, only in situations where the skillet is too difficult to work with due to space or equipment restrictions. A last resort. The logo should always be black, and may only be scaled proportionately. The logo should not be stacked vertically. The same rules listed before apply to the logos of our sub-brands. In the event the logo needs to appear in one color only, a black and white version is available. If an item is not made in the USA, use the version of the logo without the “American Made Since 1896” tagline.

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