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# Creative Innovations. nMarket creates new business with product development as a core. From our heritage, we have specialized in two market in which we operate:, the hospitality and the well being. Although the markets are very different our methodology and our knowledge of the markets are the same. Hospitality market For the hospitality market we have developed the Aquafox system. A smart system that measures the number of glasses that are rinsed in the sink. Based on this measurement the system releases the exact amount of water and soap. The result is a optimum condition to rinse the glasses perfectly clean. Furthermore, it saves 20.000 liter of water per month. For more information click on the Aquafox link. Other products we have developed for this market is an ergonomic and brandable serving tray, see the e-tray link. This year we will also launch a new product which is currently being tested in several bars in the Hague. Well being market For the well being market we focus on elderly people and people with limitations. Besides product development we also have a group of experts who are working actively in this market, for more information see the ContinYou link. After a few years of development, this year we will launch a new type walker (rollator). This product is developed with a different vision in mind than the competing products in this market. More products will follow that fit within this vision. For more information click the Rollz International link. We are also working on the new wheelchair for the Dutch paralympic basketball team which will be used in Olympic games in London in 2012.

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