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Haji Sharif was established in 1938 in Babadag. 76 years, primarily in and around Denizli after notorious delight with semolina halva, chocolate and various fruit desserts la blending continued to produce quality care and has come to today. All local flavors unique to the Aegean region of Turkey in 2011 to offer e-commerce site was established. In 8 provinces, with 27 branches and 150 employees to provide you the most naturally sweet continues. In 1938, Mehmet Tevfik Confectionery began in Babadag Halva and son of a tradition dating back to the Sheriff Kernel today has taken the first steps. In the 1950s, Mithat Sheriff Helvaci'nin sons and select Necip Helvaci'nin mAlArIylA father's profession as the third generation; Sheriff Kernel want to enlarge the factory and moved to its current in Denizli. Under the terms of the day here with the latest technology and still continues to sustain their production. VOLUME SHERIFF brand, starting from manufacturing to delivery to customers the same quality and taste that appeals to those who etmektedir.ins meticulously maintained this tradition, hoping to reach the next generation ... design by honor ekinci oestudios.ultr A-I

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