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FILKAM ( Filcom Guangzhou Photography Club ) Filipinos are known to be creative and artistic individuals by nature. We are born into a race with an innate hunger and passion for artistry. It runs in our blood; the aftermath of a colorful history and culture. Unified with a cause to establish and experience the Filipino''s love for the visual arts, a handful of creative FILCOM members visualized an organization dedicated to encourage and unite Photography enthusiasts here in Guangzhou. This vision came to life through the FILKAM organization on the 17th of July 2010. The FILKAM group aims to promote Filipino creativity in the art of photography as well as to provide a solid support and sharing community for fellow Filipino camera aficionados, professionals and non-professionals alike. It aims to foster as well as stimulate improvement and craft proficiency within enthusiasts of similar interests. You are most welcome to join us and explore the wonderful world of photography.

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