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# At EJDesign Firm, we feel that our work is a direct reflection of who we are. EJDesign Firm believes in researching the markets we serve prior to design work taking place. We want to ensure that we understand how to reach our client’s target market/demographic in the most efficient way. We understand that a very important part of a strong successful business means being flexible, communicative, and pulling insight from everyone involved within in the design process. Based on our culture and mission we will continue to deliver quality design services to everyone we serve. Specialties: EJDesign Firm specializes in the design of: Editable Websites, Logo design/re-design, Branding and identity, Corporate organization and event branding, E-Newsletters, Promotional flyers, Online banner advertisements, Newspaper advertisements, Personal and individual design projects, Postcards and direct mail pieces, Brochures, Business cards, Presentation packets, Illustrations, Posters, Magazine design and layout, Custom greeting cards, And more!

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