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Enjoy electricity provided by the sun – and get paid for it. With over 20 years experience, Eco-Logic Renewables know everything there is to know about solar panel installations. Our experts can help you enjoy electricity provided by the sun, in your home or business, simply and without fuss. Imagine… having a money-making machine on your roof. Eco-Logic Renewables can help make this a reality, rather than a dream. We are all feeling the pressure of rising energy costs (an average of 18% increase year on year). However by installing solar panels with Eco-logic Renewables you can; Start to generate your own electricity via the sun’s energy and take advantage of the Government’s Feed In Tariff, receiving between 10% – 13% Return on Investment, Tax Free. At the same time consume the electricity that you generate saving up to 60% on the cost of energy bills. You will also be increasing the value of you home by up to 10% Solar panels makes a big difference to energy performance certificates and home owners are taking far more notice of these when purchasing a home. It is also nice to know that your solar panels will produce a renewable source of energy that helps the environment too….so there is an added feel-good factor! At Eco-Logic Renewables we are passionate about securing a sustainable future, where fossil fuels are not depleted and more people are turning to renewable sources of energy, such as the sun. Our installation service, products and after sales support are all of the highest possible standards, we are active members of the REAL consumer code of conduct which protects the interests of all our customers, so why not explore our site for more information.

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