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Specifications for RYLA Emblem The RYLA logo can be produced as one-color or three-color. For the one-color version, the letters R, L, and A and the Rotary emblem appear as 100% PMS color, and the Y appears as 50% PMS color. If produced in a single color, the RYLA logo can be any color. If the RYLA logo is produced in three colors, it should be in green, blue, and gold. For the three-color version (with the wheel in the official blue and yellow), the letters R, L, and A appear as 100% PMS and Y as 50% PMS. The Rotary emblem is in two colors, royal blue and gold. The gold can be represented as a metallic color or as a yellow. The following specific PMS colors should be used: PMS 5535 (green), PMS 286 Blue, and PMS 871 Metallic Gold or PMS 129 Gold (yellow).

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