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Membership, marketing, ID and age verifier for the security of your audience and venue. Clubscan reads 223 different IDs and 162 different passports in few seconds. Clubscan is offered either with or without passport scanning facilities. Just over 90% of our customers have opted for a system without the passport scanner facilities; call us to discuss the options. 100 OF CLUBSCAN CUSTOMERS HAVE NEVER FAILED AN UNDER-AGE TEST PURCHASE AFTER INSTALLING CLUBSCAN 40% OF VENUES TESTED IN THIS SUMMERS UNDER-AGE TUSAC DRINKING CAMPAIGN FAILED AT LEAST ONCE 100% OF CLUBSCAN VENUES THAT WERE TESTED DID NOT FAIL, NOT EVEN ONCE 92% OF UNDER 25 YEAR OLD WHEN GOING OUT IN THE LATER NIGHT ECONOMY CARRY A FORM OF ID CLUBSCAN VERIFIES 388 DIFFERENT FORMS OF ID Clubscan is a voluntary system where customers agree to have their id scanned to create, safe, secure and enjoyable environments, where both customers and staff can enjoy a wonderful nights entertainment.

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