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Admit it, there have been times when you accidentally spilled paint on your newly waxed floor, destroyed a cherished piece of furniture (let''s hope it wasn''t a family heirloom), even cringed at the sight of dust and debris on your newly installed surfaces. If you''re like us, and we hope you are, you''ll recognize that sinking feeling, the kind of desperation that sinks in when disaster strikes. Not to worry. has you covered. In the product protection industry, we''re known as the go-to guys and gals, the kind of folks who''ll answer your questions in a jiffy, the kind of specialists you want on the other side of the phone or answering your emails promptly, the kind of product protection specialists that are as passionate about protecting your home or office space as they are about protecting their own. Getting the highest quality, cost-effective protection products to you is our number one priority, and educating you about their uses is another. For example, did you know that poly sheeting can be used for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential purposes? Whether it''s sealing off a room before painting, protecting your work area from the elements, even building a home-made ice skating rink for the kids or creating their own haunted house at Halloween, it''s amazing what you can do with this waterproof, rot proof and chemical-resistant product. From DIY makeovers to a corporate office refit, rest assured that our online protection experts can provide you with the solutions you need. So what do we have over the other guys in the industry? Think of us as your product protection aficionados, the ones who can help you tackle even the toughest challenges, especially those that arise unexpectedly (like the spilled paint and the ugly scratches you just noticed on your dining room furniture). Like you, we hate dust, dirt and debris. In fact we despise them. But even more importantly, we know how vital protection is to you, whether it''s on the job site, in your home or for your own personal safety.

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