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Bike Design Benelux started out as a small one-man business, but has grown to a genuine company, employing 14 persons at the moment. At first, only few products could be offered, but as time passed by, experience grew, feeling for the market started to develop and the product range expanded. Now offering a full line of accessories (optical & technical tuning ...) and maintenance products, its growth only continues and measures had to be taken. Therefore, a new building has been constructed. Storage capacity has expanded by three times regarding the previous building. This allows an even larger product range and eliminates long delivery terms. Having over 10 years of experience, Bike Design''s staff is well trained and knows all about customer satisfaction. Each employee has his own speciality and well aligned domain, thus guaranteeing a superb service and impeccable product support. Bike Design also has its very own product: crash protectors. These are developed, tested and assembled by Bike Design. In contrast to other crash protector manufacturers, Bike Design looks for (and finds!) solutions to prevent cutting or drilling in fairing parts. Why destroy your fairing in order to mount frame sliders? Bike Design develops special mounting kits so that no holes have to be made. With feedback from racing teams and street riders, continuous improvements are made. These kits are not limited to the Benelux area: several European countries are covered and even transatlantic shipments regularly take place. Bike Design has come a long way and it''s not planning to stop improving its coverage and growth as long as service can be kept on the current high standards!

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