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Atlus (???????? Kabushiki-gaisha atorasu?) is a Japanese computer and video game developer, publisher, and distributor based in Tokyo, Japan, best known for developing the console role-playing game franchise Megami Tensei. The first Megami Tensei was a Nintendo Entertainment System video game published by Namco based on a trilogy of novels, but after the second game, Atlus formed to publish the series. Its corporate mascot is Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei. Atlus is headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo. In October 2003, Takara acquired them. In November 2006, Index Holdings enterprise acquired Atlus by buying a majority of its stock. On 30 August 2010, Index Holding announced that Atlus would no longer be an independent company and would be under their direct control. Though this has caused concern among fans about the future of Atlus, the CEO of Atlus, Shinichi Suzuki has officially affirmed that Atlus will continue to provide the "finest quality game experiences possible" and the merger only "further strengthens the foundation of Atlus, both in Japan and here in the United States".

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