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Advantage Tenniswear® is a start-up apparel brand that was conceptually conceived by Terens Štader in 2007 and slowly came to life in 2010. Purpose of Advantage Tenniswear® is to make hip, inspiring and exciting tennis apparel to be worn on and off the tennis court. As a brand committed to tennis, Advantage Tenniswear is about sharing the passion and spreading the love for tennis, a unique game that engages body, mind and heart like no other sport. We feel Tennis. We think Tennis. We breathe Tennis. We live Tennis. We mix tennis with things we feel strongly about, like music and art, to make it's message universal and to create most exciting and inspiring tennis t-shirts. For us at Advantage Tenniswear, tennis is not just a sport. For us at Advantage Tennis is the way of life.© Our unique Tennis t-shirts are conceived to activate the mind and engage the spirit for better Tennis because we want to make a little contribution to the game by inspiring each player to play smarter and making each player look sharper on and off the court. We hope that You will dig our t-shirts, use them on and off the court and help us spread the love.

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