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Traikovsky Wines & Spirits, the producer of the first "Macedonian cognac" Traikovsky Wine Brandy, has full range of wines & spirits products: - Wine Brandy VS, a cognac class product - Local producst: Lozova Rakija & Mastika, just like grandparents were making them - A line of fresh and aromatic Wines made by Slovenian technology. Traikovsky Wine BRANDY VS expresses to excellence over century of savoir-faire, bringing to perfection the ideal balance of more than twelve eaux-de-vie carefully selected from the premier growing areas in Tikves region in Macedonia, double matured in vintage oak casks for over two years. Traikovsky LOZOVA RAKIJA and MASTIKA, are traditional Macedonian home made products, made by using our grandparents'' traditional methodology of production. Traikovsky LOZOVA RAKIJA is 2 years aged in local Kicevo oak, which is giving it a specific flavor no other rakija is having, while Traikovsky MASTIKA is having traditional notes of home made Mastika. Traikovsky WINES, is the new line of fresh and aromatic young wines, made in consultancy with Slovenian oenologist and by Slovenian technology. A perfect harmony of aromas and flavors from Kozuf hills best grapes, sunbathed by the intensive Kozuf hills sun, chilled by the pleasant winds of Kozuf valley, where river Boshavica quietly runs. Traikovsky products are all made of grapes from Kozuf hills region, which is the premier growing area of Tikves wine region. Due to the day and night temperature difference (warm days with cold nights), which is present in this hillside region, which is enabling the grapes to have high aromatic potencial, all Traikovsky products are high in natual aromas and freshness.

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