New logo of Indian currency will strengthen the Indian economy says Randheer Kumar, International Renowned Graphologist.

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Topic on Jul 26, 2010 05:39 PM
Hyderabad, July 26, 2010: A company logo represents the corporate identity of a business enterprise. It is very important that the logo should have balanced shape and colours. Logos not only leave good impression, but also promotes the stability and strength of the company.

Many of them are not aware that a good logo can make or break of the company. A logo is the Face and actual force for any business. Logo shows actually a positive source of encouragement - it is like a goal to strive for.

Logo’s are all about curves, circles and straight lines, if we look at our new logo of Indian Currency,

Two parallel lines at top indicate, developing great inner strength, self sufficient to be independent to handle the economic situation. At the same time two parallel lines also reveals all the imports from anywhere in the world is going to be expensive it could be petrol or furniture we need to pay more. The semi circle in the letter ‘R’ clearly indicates that soon India is going to attract entire global INTEREST for investment, in no time India will be a hub for investment activity. It will not only strengthen the Indian economy, but also its going to be investors paradise.. Line passing from the curve at times gives challenges and stress to government but finally it will going to come out with flying colours.

As we understand our new currency logo will going to be Indian Tricolour, Orange, white and Green is perfect combination. The Safron colour reveals about enthusiasm, friendliness, cheerful, balance, whereas white reveals about a symbol of purity, self respect and pride. Needless to say Green speaks about growth of our economy.

According to Mr. Randheer, New Indian currency logo will bring is going to bring fortunes for India. As per Dr. Randheer, the logo is the identity of your company or nation. You must treat your logo as the spokesperson for your business. Dr Ranadheer’s Shape of the logo will talk about the performance; Colours will talk about the life of the organization.

Dr Ranadheer also states that the origin of logos from the ancient times. In ancient time, mariners curved their warships with mythical figures to show of their military might sculptured faces with intimidating features to scare off the enemy and designed flags to present themselves and boost morale.

Dr Randheer is International well known Graphologist and logo expert and working as a Chief-Consultant in AMR Group.

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