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Recherché is defined as exquisite, lavishly elegant and refined. This definition describes the furniture and furnishings that our customers have come to expect from Recherché Furnishings™. Recherché Furnishings™ provides beautifully handcrafted heirlooms that are built to last for generations. Recherché Furnishings™ is a family-owned and operated furniture design boutique. Our furnishings are made exclusively in the U.S.A. Each piece is elegantly hand-made from the finest hardwoods and aggregates available. Rich and eloquent embellishments adorn our hardened CliffStone™ surfaces. Whether you need custom furniture designed for your exquisite taste or for a specific space, you can choose from one of our existing elegant creations or you can customize to meet your needs. Recherché Furnishings™ can accommodate most design needs for the designer in you. Captivate your guests with furniture designed with you in mind; express your distinctive personality. Just as Picasso would sign his work once it was complete, the Recherché Furnishings™ brand is burn-marked into every piece of furniture, providing visible authentication of the quality, care and value that goes into every piece. Recherché Furnishings™ has carved out our niche in the furniture market by focusing on our customer’s needs and desires. Recherché Furnishings™. Built for Life, Your Life.

Recherché Furnishings, Manufacturing
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