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PROPULSTATION® : when it's stored, it's charged! PROPULSTATION® is a revolutionary concept which solves booster storage and charging problems. It is designed for all professional users looking for a long service life and performance in their boosters and offers advantages for greater convenience of use. The PROPULSTATION® consists of two parts: on the one hand, a powerful starting booster, on the other hand, a storage station serving as a fixed support, on which the booster charges. The story of this innovation began when Thierry Lacroix, Technical Director at DA CAR, a breakdown specialist based in Brussels, told us of his wish to have a powerful booster with a storage and charging support to be fitted in his breakdown vehicles. The significance of this challenge was not lost on Ceteor and now big names in the breakdown sector are equipped with the PROPULSTATION®

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Jul, 18 2014     281 downloads     .eps format

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