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Painting stones, stone studded paintings, stone beads in Hau Giang and painting accessories made ??stones. Paintings cross stitch, cross stitch patterns for painting kits and accessories like embroidered only, piercing tools only, only clipper and retail sale only if you lack only. Get painting framed, mounted clock, mounted with the LED system remote control. Go to Gallery Gia Khang you receive dedicated staff guidance counseling and embroidery, painting in the style selected, according to feng shui or personal taste. For the embroidered cross you'll be properly supported by embroidery. Support services for you free of charge. Gallery Gia Khang was looking to make as a playground, a place for you to relax after the busy hours of work should always welcome you to this medium can relax just to exchange Share with friends with similar interests. In addition to cross stitch picture, we have more decorative gift products such as: Hand Embroidery Painting Da Lat, calligraphy paintings, velvet paintings with a wide range of topics at the original code successfully, smoothly, happy wedding picture, paintings, lamps ... These kinds of wall clocks, watches perpetual calendar. Pictorial models, watches at Gallery Gia Khang received personal requests placed, unlimited quantities.

Logo, Arts, Vietnam, Phòng Tranh Gia Khang
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