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The origins of Oregano The seeds of Oregano go all the way back to the mid-1900’s when Siegfried, a German chef, left home in Cologne and traveled around Europe is in search of flavors. When Siegfried reached Liguria on the North West coast of Italy, he discovered a cuisine that captured his palate and Mirella, who captured his heart and eventually became his wife. Maurizio was born soon after. Their family-run restaurant served food for the soul. Maurizio grew up to seeing happy people all around. His parents enjoyed making and serving flavourful Ligurian dishes and the restaurant was the talk of the town. For Maurizio, this was normal everyday food! Only when he grew older and left home did he understand…what he took for “everyday food” was actually masterpieces in culinary art. Maurizio did not turn out to be a Chef but he could explain flavors like no other. It was a chance meeting with two brothers that the flavors Maurizio knew as a child would be replicated. Tony had a Hotel Management Degree from Switzerland & Australia and George, a businessman who had the ability to transform these gifts into a business model with passion. The three of them connected well. Tony with his creative flair and passion towards cooking and was able to replicate flavors from Liguria and all of them were convinced that this dining experience was to be rolled out to the world. They decided to open a small restaurant in Dubai serving Ligurian inspired cuisine. The first Oregano restaurant ever! With the passion becoming contagious, today Oregano boasts 8 restaurants in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi serving Ligurian inspired dishes prepared with flavor for all Oregano guests to experience and enjoy. Oregano is now growing the brand internationally with the franchise model and privately owned outlets and one day will open an outlet in Liguria where the journey actually started.

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