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The search for balance between environmental protection and socioeconomic development served as purpose for Jacto group to decide for an enterprising project that started Mizumo business unit. Created in 2001, Mizumo is a reference in sanitary sewage treatment compact system. Its system is different for its contribution in preserving health and improvement in life quality and in the environment in which they are inserted. There are more than 1000 units implanted working all over Brazil that contribute for the environment, returning to nature, highly efficient treated effluent, avoiding pollution and bringing, as an option, its reuse. Among the enterprises that use the compact systems of sewage treatment from Mizumo are residences, small ranches, hotels, resorts, condos, popular homes, constructors, malls, powerhouses, airports, hospitals, office buildings, schools, stores and industries. Mizumo also acts in special projects to attend planned neighborhoods, rural villages and small towns, besides public and private sewer concessionary companies.

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