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LiquidPlanner is an online project management tool, created in the belief that teams work best when they organize tasks by priority, and make best case/worst case estimates. Our features include robust project scheduling, resource management and analytics reports that anyone can use. Here’s more about our nimble, intelligent, new-world software: Priority-based scheduling: It’s how we think Most of us are better at establishing the order in which we’ll complete our tasks, rather than the dates. LiquidPlanner uses a statistical algorithm that looks at your priorities, resource availability and task estimates, and then builds realistic schedules you can trust. More accurate –realistic – time estimates Instead of forcing rigid, arbitrary deadlines on projects, LiquidPlanner is structured around best case/worst case estimates. In other words, our tool incorporates uncertainty at the task level, and rolls any changes up to the project level. This lets you speak with confidence to your statistical likelihood of completing projects by a certain date. People-focused, collaborative, transparent We’re an online people-focused tool that gives access and visibility to all team members, anywhere in the world. LiquidPlanner’s dynamic workspaces foster transparent collaboration across projects, with the mission to help your teams get more of the right work done—and have fun doing it.

United States, Management, Establishing
May, 06 2013     235 downloads     .ai format

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