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FAET logo - Federation of Agriculture and the State of Tocantins Livestock 1. PRESENTATION The Federation of Agriculture and the State of Tocantins Livestock - FAET, was founded in January 7, 1989, based on art. 511 of the Labor Code which makes lawful the association for study, advocacy and coordination of their economic or professional interests of all that, as employers, employees, agents or self-employed or self-employed, engaged, respectively, the same activity and profession or activities or similar or related professions. " The Federation of Agriculture and the State of Tocantins Livestock - FAET has its Council of Representatives formed by rural unions of the state of Tocantins, legally registered with the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It is up to the board to analyze the general agricultural policy, suggesting appropriate measures to approve schemes and work programs for body, to and evaluate the accounts of each year, elect and appoint Board members, impose penalties on affiliated unions, among other determinations existing in the bylaws of the organization. FAET bases its actions on the study, coordination, protection and legal representation of the rural econom throughout the state of Tocantins, inspiring - in the social solidarity, free enterprise, the right to property, the market economy, the country's interests nonprofit indefinite service life. FAET has as the main source of revenue the Rural Union fees, as provided for in Articles 578-591 of the Labor Code. And according to the provisions of Article 149 of the Federal Constitution, the contribution is tax character and is therefore mandatory, regardless of whether the taxpayer is or is not member of a union. This contribution has been around since 1943 and is charged to all farmers - individual or company - as established by Decree - Law No. 1,166, of April 15, 1971, as amended by Article 5] of the law 9701 of 18 November 1998. President: Edmar Corrêa de Oliveira Superintendent: Paula Régis Dias Borges 2. Mission The mission of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock Tocantins State is represented before the public authorities and their agents, the interests of rural economic category and affiliated rural unions, as well as collaborate with the public authorities, such as technical and advisory body, in study and solution of problems relating to the agricultural economy of the country. 2. Objectives 2.1 Patronize and defend the general interests of rural economic category and represent it before the federal, state and municipal governments, collaborating with them in the study and solution of all matters that directly or indirectly may foster cohesion, strengthening and expansion of the national economy; 2.2 Pleading and adopt appropriate measures to the interests of unions, becoming an advocate and cooperating active and vigilant of anything that can contribute to the development of the class that is; 2.3 Study and seek solutions to the issues and problems relating to their constituents; 2.4 Promote the adoption of rules and regulations that aim to benefit and improve methods of work, productivity and process technology, including the marketing of goods produced by the rural economic category; 2.5 Promote when appropriate, solutions through conciliatory, the disagreements or disputes concerning the activities included in their scope of representation may constitute bodies specially designed for this purpose; 2.6 Organize and maintain the services that might be useful to affiliated unions and provide them with assistance and support in line with the general interests of the class; 2.7 intercede with the appropriate authorities, for the rapid processing and resolution of all matters pertaining to the interests of economic category; 2.8 Coordinate, plan and execute training and rural social development to rural workers, producers, with priority to micro and small producers. 3. KEY ACTIONS 3.1 Collaborate with public authorities in fostering solidarity will of the producing classes; 3.2 Maintain guidance services and assistance to its staff members unions in technical-economic and legal sectors as well as exercise, directly, vigilante action with regard to the smooth functioning of all associative units incorporating, the implementation of their programs work. 3.3 advocate for greater harmony, as the common interest in the class. 3.4 Promote the production chain, with lectures and training courses.

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