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# From its debut nearly twenty-five years ago to today, Baker''s Joy® non-stick spray with flour has made baking easier, faster and more successful for everyone who uses this revolutionary product. Back in 1980, extensive testing revealed that Baker''s Joy spray received well-deserved enthusiasm among the ultimate users— the 74 million American women who baked. America now had a convenient, mess-free baking aid that would guarantee a no-stick release every time! Baker''s Joy spray is the original baking pan spray that contains both oil and flour, taking the work out of having to grease and flour cake pans, molds, and other baking equipment. Consumers can trust Baker’s Joy spray with every creation that goes in the oven… and it is low in calories and contains no fat, sodium, cholesterol or carbohydrates! So, for all those bakers looking for a foolproof solution to baking, Baker’s Joy spray makes it easy to create home-baked goods that will release from the pan perfectly, every time. Baker''s Joy spray can be found in the cooking oils section of most national grocery chains.

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