Free Vector Logo 23rd World Scout Jamboree Japan 2015

Download vector logo of 23rd World Scout Jamboree Japan 2015

The Jamboree logo is created based on the traditional Japanese Mizuhiki knot. The impressive and decorative string and knot represent the energy, new experiences and meetings at the Jamboree and the unity of the Scouts gathered from all over world. The three colours represent the Jamboree concepts: Energy, Innovation and Harmony. On the lower right side of the logo, the kanji character (WA) illustrates the meaning of the Mizuhiki. In addition, on the right of the logo, the Jamboree title is indicated in English and French, and as Jamboree is an of?cial event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), the World Scout emblem is featured.

Japan, World, Scout, Jamboree, Japan, Experience, Energy
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