Hollands cafe offered cash by Harrods to change logo

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Topic on Aug 11, 2010 04:19 PM

TOP people’s department store Harrods has offered money to an A12 roadside cafe in an effort to make it to change its logo.

The Knightsbridge store – recently sold to the Qatari royal family’s investment company for a reported £1.5billion – claims the word “Hollands” the family-run cafe near Rivenhall looks too much like its own logo.

Harrods was threatening legal action against owner Nigel Holland if he failed to change the logo. Mr Holland objected saying said it would cost £14,000 to change the logos plus his menus and website.

Harrods has now offered cash towards the change and said it was “awaiting feedback” from Mr Holland.

However, the company would not confirm how much is was offering to pay.

The original letter requesting the change of logo was sent by Harrods on May 12, and initially gave Mr Holland a deadline of May 31 to change his logo.

Harrods’ original gold coloured logo was commissioned and created in 1967.

The store attracts more than 15 million customers a year to its 4.5 acre site in one of London’s most exclusive areas.

In contrast, Hollands cafe sits on the northbound stretch of the A12, between Rivenhall and Kelvedon,and has been open for eight months.

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