High school to phase in new Trailblazer logo

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Topic on Jul 22, 2010 12:04 PM

A new logo will adorn the Trailblazers’ football helmets, spirit wear, team uniforms and gymnasium floor in the next couple of school athletic seasons.

Gardner Edgerton High School decided to phase out the current Ox Horn Silhouette logo for a new design that incorporates an ox horn bovine after discussing the issue with the University of Texas.

“While school staff and administrators felt the differences between the two logos were significant—for instance, ours is blue, theirs is orange, and they are slightly different shapes—representatives from the University of Texas disagreed and asked GEHS to consider using something different,” said Bill Miller, director of operations for the Gardner Edgerton School District.

Changing the design of the Trailblazers’ logo is nothing new for the high school. Since the mid-1970s, head football coaches developed their own designs for football helmets. Current coach, Gary Deiner, was no different, developing the current Ox Horn Silhouette.

While there is a formal logo, which is used on school letterhead, spirit wear and other materials, Miller said, the school also has used other logos to decorate spirit wear, team uniforms, and other school items.

“As we were developing the graphic plan for refinishing the GEHS gymnasium floor this summer, we considered incorporating the popular Ox Horn Silhouette logo into the new floor’s graphic design,” Miller said.

That’s when the school contacted the University of Texas to make sure there were no issues with the university’s federally trademark Longhorn Silhouette.

After that conversation, GEHS administrators decided to resolve the issue and offered to stop production of the school logo and phase it out when the school replenishes inventory for uniforms, equipment and spirit wear.

The football coaching staff began working with a graphic artist this summer to develop a new helmet logo and they are pleased with the results, Miller said.

“This logo, which will likely be first unveiled on this year's football helmets is one of several supplementary logos available for use by coaches, sponsors, students and staff,” Miller said.

The school has a primary logo—a ox-horned bovine pulling a trailblazing wagon—but fans will have to attend the Trailblazers first football game to get a glimpse of the new helmet logo.

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