Frida Kahlo: Google celebrates Frida Kahlo with custom logo

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Topic on Jul 07, 2010 01:55 PM

Today Google celebrates Frida Kahlo by offering an custom Frida Kahlo custom logo on the index. Frida Kahlo said “I do not paint dreams. I paint my life.” The myth of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is celebrated in Berlin.Frida Kahlo`s art? Obsessive self. When not painting paired with Diego Rivera, a renowned mural painter of the time, the teacher and love, the magician and the devil that made her beautiful and breathe life, Frida Kahlo is the only center in the world. Frida Kahlo divided between ecstasy and pain. The long, thick hair of Frida Kahlo blacks inherited from Indian mother collected with silk ribbons, wrists and ears adorned with jewelry and trinkets, including small value, from the stalls. Diego likes rumpled, shrink it, draw it as a sprite paunchy that beats in my head torn.

Frida Kahlo also likes retreat as a kind of St. Sebastian, with eyebrows to “gull wing”, an ancient Aztec brown eyes, a necklace of thorns instead of arrows, wild animals rather than angels. Or framed as a lady, Frida Kahlo, with flowers exaggerated to Henri Rousseau, with the difference that the guard its forests merely dreaming, Frida Kahlo, however, lived in and knows the folklore.”I always painted my reality. Not my dreams, ” answered the poet Andre Breton was so bewitched by his work to proclaim, with a little touch, that Frida Kahlo was “a surrealist created with his own hands.” His idea of surrealism was child, saying that it “is a magical surprise to find a lion in the closet, where you were sure to find the shirts.” He considered the original artist without a label.She was born July 6, 1907, but had so much love of the barricades against the Mexican dictator Victoriano Huerta, to change the date to coincide with the year of the revolution. To feel the daughter of modern Mexico. This just to say that pasta was made Frida Kahlo, the artist from Latin American and passionate life shattering, shattered by terrible disease and mad love, a tsunami which could only keep up the art, understood as ransom, analgesic soul and instrument of catharsis. With these credentials Frida myths still rises to heaven before he died, for a bout of pneumonia in 1954 at age 47, at his home in Coyoacan, the Casa Azul, where the museum stands today (visited by throngs of fans) that bears his name. Look for the centennial year of the episodes Mexicans want to honor the fictitious date of birth, or simply because the reputation of Frida is always at the peak of flowering, only during the first six months of 2010, Europe has two very dedicated retrospectives at 360 degrees, one in Brussels (Palais des Beaux-Arts), which ended April 18, another still in progress in Berlin (Martin-Gropius-Bau) until August 9.”Frida Kahlo. Retrospective, “approximately 150 works, a section devoted to paintings and drawings, unpublished unseen since believed missing, curated by Helga Prignitz-Poda, and photographs, curated by the niece of Frida Kahlo, Cristina. If the magnetic eyes of the mysterious paintings express anxiety, leafing through the family album you discover new aspects of Frida, like his humor, yes surreal and charm of a siren, barely visible in the dramatic depictions of pain.In the shots there as a young Frida, Modigliani neck, mouth care, eye velvet, Frida and her husband Diego, and almost Pacios attitudes confidential. Basically they were married twice, the days of anger, with scenes of mutual jealousy had lost their explosive charge. But time was different: He betrayed all that, even with her sister Cristina Kahlo and Frida who avenged allowing themselves to men and women, including Tina Modotti, the photographer who had presented the womanizer Rivera.It is no coincidence that Germany is interested in Mexican artist. Frida is in fact the daughter of a German of Jewish descent, Wilhelm Kahlo, born in Baden-Baden, who emigrated from Hungary in Mexico. A father worried about the fragility of her child. A tragedy which has reserved an unspeakable ordeal, beginning with the terrible accident, 17 years, splitting his back forever already suffering from spina bifida, mistaken for polio: the bus Frida Kahlo was traveling hit by a tram, a handrail in the collision is breaking off the pelvis and spine. The aftermath of the incident compelled to undergo 30 surgeries .Nailed to a bed, his body tortured by the bust, Frida Kahlo started painting in a mirror. It portraits, votive, altarpiece, where it combines sensuality and masochism, despair and passion. A scenario that repeats obsessively in almost all his paintings, without interruption.

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