American Heart Association logo to appear on Wii system and select software UPDATE

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Topic on May 18, 2010 09:36 AM

The American Heart Association's logo will appear on the Nintendo Wii and select software titles' packaging in an exclusive arrangement. The health organization cites the Wii's fitness focus and the need to reach out to gamers as its reasons for the endorsement.

Nintendo has touted the fitness focus of its Nintendo Wii console for years, and the video game publisher now has the backing of one of largest and longest-running health organizations in the U.S. to support its claims. The American Heart Association has deemed the Wii console worth of wearing the organization's logo on its packaging, a stamp of approval that typically only adorns health food.

The American Heart Association states that it chose the Wii because of its more active fitness focus among gaming consoles. The organization hopes to be able to reach millions of gamers, some of whom may not have fitness as a priority in their lives. However, ABC News' report revealed that the agreement between the AHA and Nintendo also includes the video game company giving the health organization a gift of $1.5 million over the next three years.

Sony and Microsoft are planning on releasing movement focused peripherals this year in the form of the PlayStation Move and Project Natal, respectively. To learn more about the agreement, check out the source link below.

UPDATE: Nintendo and the American Heart Association have also combined forces to create a website called Active Play Now that provides more detail on the alliance. The AHA's logo will appear on the boxes of the Wii console as well as Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort. The partnership will also be present in several events, as 'active-play' Nintendo Wii games will be set up at the AHA's Start Heart Walk events, and the two organizations will be hosting an 'Innovation Summit' aimed at further discussing the role of gaming in fitness.

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